Bellaroma NAMI Fundraiser

For every NAMI candle sold between now and July 31, $10 will come to NAMI Tarrant County, so spread the word!!!

Bellaroma has partnered with NAMI to support NAMIWalks. For every Bellaroma NAMI candle sold $10 is automatically returned to NAMI. Our Bellaroma representative visited us at our June meeting and has given NAMI Tarrant County a special offer for raising funds through the month of July. For every Bellaroma NAMI candle sold through this offer during July, Bellaroma will also return $10 to NAMI Tarrant County. This makes this a win/win situation for us (nationally and locally). Christmas in July is the best way to save. So order now! This special offer is must be placed by July 31.

In our great Texas summer heat, candles can melt. "Summer Shipping*" assures that they will be shipped in a cool container to the destination. By ordering together, we will save on this special shipping cost so the total cost per candle will be $24 including taxes and Summer Shipping. You can send your Bellaroma NAMI candle orders with payment to NAMI Tarrant County, 3136 W. 4th Street, Fort Worth, TX 76107 and we will place the order for you to be delivered at our August general meeting, or sooner if you make arrangements. Our goal is to place the orders together so we will save on "summer shipping" costs. The total cost per candle is $24 including taxes and Summer Shipping. (See Order Form below or call the office 817.332.6677.)

If you prefer to place your order on your own, you may go the link below ( and click on the "Parties and Events" in the upper right above the banner. On the NAMI Tarrant County line, click "Shop Now" and you can place your order as you would for any online product. Remember to forward this invitation to friends elsewhere so they can also support NAMI Tarrant County. Thanks, again, for you support.

Remember, $10 of each NAMI candle purchased will return to NAMI Tarrant County.

Let's do what we can to support our NAMI Tarrant County.

*Summer Shipping assures a cool-method shipping in our Texas heat! Ground Shipping will not ship with cooling and could result in melted candles.

Bellaroma NAMI Fundraiser Order Form
Bellaroma Fundraiser Online Instructions